Voight Lab

Diana was a joint post-doc between myself and Struan Grant (CHOP), and joined the group in 2015. Diana’s work focuses on the genetics of early life traits, in particular the timing of puberty and pubertal growth, and how these traits are linked to later life health outcomes such as diabetes, cardiometabolic health, and osteoporosis. She was an extremely prolific and productive post-doc, earning numerous awards including an ADA Postdoc Fellowship Award (2016-2018), an ASBMR Young Investigator Award (2018), a CHOP Distinguished Research Trainee Award (2019), a K99 Award recipient (2019-2021), and was the ASHG Charles J. Epstein Post-doc Award Recipient (2019)!

In 2020, Diana took a position at GSK and is now an Associate Director of Applied and Statistical Genetics there.

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