Voight Lab


Ben Voight Ben Voight Associate Professor
Kimberly Lorenz Kimberly Lorenz Bioinformatician
Chris Adams Chris Adams PhD Student (GCB)
Mary Ann Hazuga Mary Ann Hazuga PhD Student (GCB)
Mia Lee Mia Lee PhD Student (PGG)
Mitch Conery Mitch Conery PhD Student (GCB)
Will Bone Will Bone PhD Student (GCB)


Our former lab members who have moved on to new places and activities!

Emily Welebob Emily Welebob
Chris Thom Chris Thom
Diana Cousminer Diana Cousminer
Louise Wang Louise Wang
Paul Babb Paul Babb
Katerina Gawronski Katerina Gawronski
Katie Siewert-Rocks Katie Siewert-Rocks
Kelsey Johnson Kelsey Johnson
Varun Aggarwala Varun Aggarwala
Brian Chen Brian Chen
David Nicholson David Nicholson
Peter Yin Peter Yin
Rocky Aikens Rocky Aikens
Sanjana Adurty Sanjana Adurty
Sanjana Akula Sanjana Akula


Our work is made possible by funding from several organizations.