Voight Lab

Kelsey joined the lab in 2014 where she worked to hone her computational population human genomics and statistical genetics expertise.

Her projects included performing a cross-population selective sweep scan using an updated version of the integrated haplotype score (iHS), developing a method to infer rare, recurrent mutations from population level data, performed MR experiments to demonstrate evidence that elevated cholesterol is a risk factor for breast cancer.

After graduating in 2020, she moved to the University of Minnesota as a post-doctoral fellow, jointly mentored by Frank Albert and Ran Blekhman. There, her research uses tools from quantitative genetics, systems biology, and microbiome science to understand the biological processes shaping human milk composition and lactation, and how natural variation in this system impacts maternal and infant health.

She is currently on the job market looking to continue on the academic track as an Assistant Professor! Stay tune for updates.

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